Paulo Pereira
PANCORP was established in Miami, Florida, in 1996, first as a branch of PANAMERICANA of Brazil, today ARROW Brazil; when transition was settled, we created Pan Import Export Corporation, under new ownership, keeping our PANCORP brand.

PANCORP provides support for Brazilian importers, mainly in the electronic components field, supplying components as well, also doing procurement due to many years of expertise.

As the sole owner, Paulo Pereira, an American Citizen originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, started in the electronic components field in 1985, after graduating in Electronic Engineering at Mackenzie University, joining the traditional distributor KARIMEX, later opening a large scale distribution company, MULTICOM, that stayed in business for many years; he went to work for CITRONIC, that later acquired PANAMERICANA, prior of his moving to the US, in 1996, to open PANAMERICANA branch, as VP.

To this date, we keep many of our long time clients, either electronic components distributors or end users in Brazil; we provide a vast array of services, since logistics to purchasing to FOB Miami sales on their behalf, as their agent, this way avoiding what is commonly considered in Brazil as “bi-tributação”.

Solutions for Foreign Trade, Import and Export

Over the years, we’ve been acting as procurement. purchasing and cargo agents, having served clients of diverse industries, from educational institutions to banks, electronic industries to hospitals, small businesses to multinational corporations, while lately supplying contents for e-commerce operators, a new market niche with incredibly fast growth.

We have in-house freight forwarder which allows us to have the agility necessary to stay ahead in a competitive environment, shipping our merchandise to any Country, direct from our warehouse, with no intermediaries, making for a fast and cost controlled shipping.

Since May 2009 we carry the Better Business Bureau top rating, A+, due to our many years in business with ZERO complaint of any kind.

After 18 years, we’ve established a strong presence in the Computers and Computer Parts industries, exporting (wholesale) new and Grade A refurbished Laptop/Notebook Computers, Tablets, new and (individually tested and warranted) pull Hard Drives, SSD, CPUs, Servers CPUs, RAM Memories, Motherboards and other IT equipments.

We also offer Apple full line of brand new Computers and Accessories, new and used Smart Phones, including Apple iPhones, and this year we started expanding our reach to other markets. We also export automobiles, through another division of our company, please visit www.pancorpAUTO.com

Our philosophy
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Goals & values
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